Huge Week

Huge Week

To say the least, me & Mr B have gotten a ride & I was so happy. I have a lot of training with my balance to go & fidning a good saddle that Is going to work for us, at this time I borrowed a western saddle & Mr B has Always loved them & I feel secure in them beacuse there is a stop in the front & a stop in the back so It takes less effort for me to ride.

I Think I might have to start with that & then go over to a dressage saddle agian & have a western as a back up…..

Hmmm I have no idea how to be able to fix that but I will be having it as a goal.

We also got 2 presents this past week on from Emin & one from K9 & my god what would I do without the donations!!!!
Thank you from my heart & soul really I cant thank you enough now Mr B can keep feeling just super beacuse & thanks to you & to all of our giftgivers !!! An also B got nw shoes on from the Faboulus

I cant wait either to get some pasture up with the donations from the stableowners have just gone on there summer vacaction so there will also be a BIG renew of the stable, that is so exiting & of course you guys are going to tagg along !!

Dont forget that on instagram you can see our latest films or on Youtube!!

Im going to show you some Pictures from last time & hope you enojy them
Huggies from me & Mr B to you ALL, thank you for haning in there with us

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