Long time no see…

Long time no see…

I can really say its a long time sens i wrote here, I know many of you want me to start up the blog so here we go guys 

But how many updates a week do you Think I should do ?? 1? 3? or when we are up to something ?
I Think I will let you guys vote on it on Instagram 

But what have been up with Mr B & me latly, as you know I struggle to keep Mr B everyday & you followers are Everything to us.
We got a delivery from lantkompaniet.se with a fance so Mr B can get a pasture to eat some grass whooo we can thank enough for this its a lifesaver really !!! So from our hearts & soul Thank you Lantkompaniet !!!

I will keep trying to get help so I can keep Mr B & I have to thank you guys aswell our wonderful followers that with every one new that follow us give me a chance to keep him. How is that you might Think will, the more followers I have then Im intresting for companies to donate so I can keep B So i BIGGG thank you to you all !!! You are wonderful!!!!

To move on Mr B as you know have had a rough Winter beacuse we have had trouble with hay for many diffrent reasons so he lost wieight but now he is coming back THANK GOD!!!!
So soon we will be able to ride agian, I know many have asked me about this & why I dont ride Mr B & there is one of the reasons, the others are that I dont have a good saddle yet & my body need to have a good day also. But every time I see him its medicin as you know.
We will get back in the saddle & you guys will be the first to know & see it 

I have also had so much fun with the Elfstrand sisters & I will show you a new video from them but Its in swedich but you can follow a bit if you dont speak swedich. I will also do more videos for you guys to Watch on Youtube so hurry up and follow us there guys I would love to do more films for you when my body is letting me do so but I need to know you are following the channel  so Please jump on over to follow us there to & I will put up more videos for you !  Deal ?

Its midsummers day here in sweden & Im taking it a bit slow to day BUTTTT tomorrow its ….MR B TIME  I cant wait !!!
I will update you on Instagram as Always everyday, here & also If I can do a video on Youtube so If you are not following us plz jump on overe to these places and do It would mean the WORLD to us !!

Well I Think I have blabbed enough right  time for some pics of late dont you Think ?

Have a super day guys & I will talk to you soon again so keep a watching Eye on our sites
Keep it natural & savvy guys see you soon


Mr B & me haning out in the pasture a bit 

Look at this from lantkompaniet.se whoooo

Mr B streching his leags in a pasture we borrowed …I can be such a hubk dont you Think 

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