Our Journey …

Our Journey …

I have been thinking A LOT & As I have gotten comments on me riding B, & I can understand it even if it hurts. Iam a crappy rider now I know but I want you to see our Journey unedited as you have so far.

I do a lot of fails Beacsue My brain need to reconnect what My body should do & I hate this part when starting up agian with riding but its part in the process & I want to share it & I hope that anyone out there struggling might not give up hope if i do, so here we go, uncut & raw❤️ So here we go, Mr B have HUGE movements & My balance sucks just being on him 3times so far & here I can show you in slow motion when I in My body ask for the canter, he in his body goes up in canter (not fully strong either when he offers it & I have to ask him to not take the canter & do Walk or trot Beacsue he offer it ALL the time in this saddle that we got to try, he wants to have fun fun fun ❤️& his body moves SO much.

(Im not thinking of form right now for us just lossy goosy fun)  Him trying to collect himself in the canter to try to keep me in the saddle when he feels bump bump from My fruitloop butt so then it goes more UP then forward then My balance that he try to help me with makes My butt leave the saddle = NOT GOOD!!??and I get SO mad on ME not him when he try so hard!!!

❤️?Here B try to help me by doing even more of a canter UP so I will stay in the saddle not falling forward or out of it & me on this trying to be as flexible as I possibly can in My back & lower back beacsue I know I Bounce like a tennis ball & try to be as flexible as possible in My lower arms and reins not to jank him in his mouth to keep the soft contact and trying to feel My core that is non exiting & make My butt come down in that saddle(& My neck injury makes My arms & hands go bye bye & legs to)? its hard But im trying My fruitloop ass off ?

We are FAR from in sync as you can see,  after 2 years off his back we are all over the place, well Iam he is being a badass & after just 3 Times at max 20min a sess Im thinking a LOT how My bodys biomechanics can do better how I can with my body awareness teach My brain & My brain to get it out in My body what it need to do in weight distribution and so on & when I need to do it & how so I can help Mr B to help me and match his biomechanics in sync what I need to do in My body better,so many things as strenght, flexibility, core, contact and so on? wow that got to be a novel?Im sorry guys but I want to Thank You ALL that have left such warm comments & PMs to us from My heart Thank You ALL for your support !!!??????❤️❤️❤️thank you for peppning us on our Journey that is now taking it got us to the next level??

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