Long time no see

Long time no see

As you know the blog has been hacked so Iam fixing it up agian & Will back blog soon so you Will know what have happend the passed time ???

Yesterday we Will start with I think & had a wonderful time in Gothenburg with the professor and Md/Dr Cleas that have Done the drink that is called proviva here in Sweden

Ronny and I listen to the lecture with him & vetrinerian Marie and I Was blown away about how much animals like humans need a working tummy. They have now so they work with horses, dogs and cats tummies aswell now & that the tummy needs many good bacteria tribes! He Was also intrested in to know more about the friesian tummy ? So this Will be continued ?

Ronny with professor Cleas & vet Marie

Then we where of to phonehero.se in Gothenburg to get My new phone fixed & wow just 30min by the awesome straff and I had a new phone !!!! Iam soooo happyyyy???If you need help just go in to the website or visit there stores in Stockholm, Malmö or Gothenburg you Will get help sooo fast ?just look at this !!!

30min later ??

It Was a massive day with so much awesome stuff ?and more to come around this & Iam so happy about My phone also ?❤️

So I hope you enjoyed tagging along guys and more blogging is to come ?❤️

Huggies for now & new blog Will be up soon darlings ❤️?

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